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No, it’s not Summer, but one of my favorite treats to have all year is Passion Ice Tea Lemonade! We can all go to the ubiquitous corner coffee shop and pay an arm and a leg for flavored water, but why not make it yourself?!

I have this handy glass carafe which equals about 5 regular sized coffee cups. To avoid anything getting watered down, I use two tea bags per cup, so for this I used 10.

Just throw all of the tea bags in a bowl, boil water, and let steep. Be sure to let it cool down for a while before transferring it to your pitcher. I would recommend using glass so you don’t have to deal with pesky plastic and the color changing – anyways, glass is safer for you!

I simply store the carafe full of cold tea in the fridge until I’m ready for a drink and then add a splash of lemonade!

Give it a try…it’s my favorite alternative to sugary juice!