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Within the last year, I have become slightly obsessed with Indian food.  I think I would be happy if I could eat it at least once a week.  Often times during the week, I make Chicken Tikka Masala* from a delicious packet I found at Whole Foods, but lately I have been wanting to try something a little more homemade.  While browsing my friend Caitlin’s blog, I came across another fab site, called Eat Live Run.  For some reason, I have a strained relationship with my Crock-Pot…I have literally never made anything in it that I like.  That is until now!  People, I can’t tell how you excited I am about this amazing recipe I found because it is DELICIOUS!

I decided to keep it simple this time and just had rice to go along with it, but you can also roast broccoli or potatoes and toss on top or a side dish for a little something more which I like to do a lot if I have various veggies I need to use up.

This Chicken Tikka Masala recipe was easy and had great pictures to go along with it for the various steps.  If you’re looking for a delicious and easy slow cooker recipe this should be it!  Check it out here!

*Side note:  Thanks to my friend on G+, Luc (awesome photographer, so check his stuff out), I now have learned that Chicken Tikka Masala is not really authentic Indian food.  Who knew!?  I sure didn’t…  Take a look at the history of the dish here.