Another treat I made at the work baking party with Taryn, were these tasty chocolate dipped pretzels!  I had never made these before, but loved how easy they were.

We didn’t have any particular recipe we followed and simply decided to mix one bag of milk chocolate chips and one bag of semi-sweet chips on the stove in our homemade double boiler.  I think short pretzel rods are best for this, as you can get a large portion of the pretzel covered with chocolate and easily roll them in any toppings you feel would be fun.  We decided to go for sprinkles and crushed candy canes!

One bag of pretzels made about 80 of these treats…not bad!  One tip, this dessert seems to be a lot easier to make with two people…one to dip and one to roll in sprinkles/candies!

They ended up being the perfect size to fit in clear bags to pass around!

Enjoy & happy eating!