The final treat Taryn and I made for work was chocolate bark and it probably turned out to be my favorite!  We made two different versions of this.  One with crushed candy canes and the other with chopped pistachios and cranberries.  It was such a simple dessert to make, but looked so beautiful and festive once it was done!

For each tray we used almost two full bags of chocolate chips – one of milk and one of semi-sweet.  By this point in the night we decided to microwave our batches of chocolate which works just as well as melting it on the stove-top.  I would recommend doing this in one minute intervals to be sure you are able to stir the chips enough.  

Line a baking sheet with parchment paper, pour the chocolate on and add the treats!  

One good thing to do once you have put your treats on the melted chocolate…try to gently push the toppings down.  It helps to insure things really stay put once the chocolate is dry.  These should sit out to harden over night and even longer if you test a corner out and it doesn’t feel like it can break easily. 

So pretty, simple and delicious!